Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ASK LOBDELL- 5/29/12 Post 3 Day Weekend Edition

Welcome to our sixth installment of Ask Lobdell where YOU get to ask Scott Lobdell questions about Red Hood And The Outlaws.

This week, Steve asks: 
What character would you have loved more than anything to be on Red
Hood's "team", but were unable to use for one reason or another, and
how would you have brought them on board Outlaws? What do you love
about that character?

Scott Answers
That is a great question, Steve, because there were probably a lot of characters I had toyed with adding tot he roster right from the start.   I, along with everyone else who heard the title "And the Outlaws" thought "Really?  Can they be a 'team' with just three characters?"

(Of course, it turns out they can!)

But I think you asked about the one character "more than anything"... so that narrows it down to Misfit.

I thought she would have made an excellent addition to the team because she is just so out there.   I think Jason, Roy and Kori carry a lot of their "out there-ness" inside with them, so at a distance they seem like mostly normal (sometimes violent) people... until you get to know them and you appreciate the damage within.   Misfit, however, is just so gosh darn loopy that she wears her damage on her sleeve.   If RHATO were the A-Team, she would be their Murdock.

Gail Simone has done amazing work with Misfit -- is it any wonder I wanted her for RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS!  (MIsfit, that is!)

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