Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Girl In The Hood: Lucky Issue 13 Edition

Elizabeth Airelle

“The Moon’s Up, And the Sun’s Down- And A Thousand Starry Eyes Have Caught Me Dying”

     The issue opens with the Blight High Lord declaring victory over Tamaran when he is distracted by two shooting stars heading towards him. An intense blast of heat and light hit the soldiers, revealed to be Koriand’r and Komand’r. The Blight move in to attack but get ambushed by Red Hood, Orm, and Arsenal. The freed butinfected Tamrans also join the fight. 

  Meanwhile aboard the Starfire, Depalo makes a deal with the Blight to surrender. The ship is set to self-destruct and K’tten, Isabel and the rest of the crew evacuate leaving just Depalo to his thoughts. He thinks back to the day when Kori left Tamaran after trying and failing to put the past behind her. He tells her he knows her heart and it’s boundless in its capacity for love-friends and enemies alike. He wishes she would stay but he wants her chance for happiness. 

     The countdown is complete and the Starfire explodes inside of the belly of the Blight’s mothership. Komand’r gets mad, seeing this as more blood on her hands.  She gets hit by the Blight Lord’s javelin. That gets Koriand’r mad and she unleashes a powerful blast of her power, which wipes out the Blight’s forces. She grabs the blight lord by the throat and kisses him, burning him on the inside she kills him.

  A week later Kori is at the throne room. She is thinking about how for so long she just wanted revenge on her people for abandoning her. She realized that the only way she could be free would be to forgive them, and that the last thing she wanted was to rule anyone. Komand’r is still healing from the battle, and askes her sister to stay and help rule the planet. Kori however wants to stay on Earth for she has found friends and maybe love. This makes Komand’r happy, but secretly worries about the gathering of the thirteen and secretly vows that she would sacrifice herself before she lets that happen.

     Before they knew it they were ready to leave in the newly commissioned H.M.S Depalo, its first flight will be to return everyone home. Meanwhile back on Earth, in Kori’s hidden ship they have an intruder. It’s the Joker and he is looking for something. He finds it, its Jason’s helmet he states “Here we go” and starts laughing…

     This concludes the Starfire arc. I really hope that the people who read issue one then months later kept writing about how bad Starfire was being written will read this arc. It shows what she’s made of and shows just how string she is. Roy narrated and brought a little light onto this serious situation. This storyline definitely put these two more into focus, the story revolving Starfire and with Roy narrating  we got to get inside of his mind a bit. We see how he feels about her, and we know how she feels about him.

  Depalo’s sacrifice was really sad. His loyalty to Kori just shows the kind of love she can bring out in people, even a Domintor. Komand’r has been completely redone in the new 52. Unlike the evil sister who willing sold her sister into slavery, this one had no choice and felt great sadness for years about it. She loves her people but carries a lot of guilt. She felt a lot of pain and guilt for Depalo’s death even though he wasn’t her soldier. I hope we get to see more of her in the future even in other books.

  Jason didn’t have the spotlight on him but that is about to change. The Joker disappeared for a year and clearly was planning and finding out everything he could about the Bat Family, for him to have found Kori’s ship. Makes you wonder what is he planning and how will it affect the book ?

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