Monday, May 14, 2012

ASK LOBDELL- 5/14/12- Maybe we'll just do this on Mondays rather than be late, Lobdell

Welcome to our fourth installment of Ask Lobdell where YOU get to ask Scott Lobdell questions about Red Hood And The Outlaws.

This week, Adam [yes, Adam, who asked the question last week too, come up with good questions a you could be Adam] asks:
Since Jason is able to do what most heroes cannot, kill, is the idea of a Rogues gallery for RHatO out of the realm of possibilities? Are large/overarching groups of enemies more or less what we will be seeing for a while? or even just one-and-done (or spanning a few issues) villains?

Scott Answers
I will try to answer this question the best I can, because I admit I don't really understand it. I'm not sure why his killing would prevent him from having a rogue's gallery. Just because he can kill doesn't mean he does kill, or have to kill -- so it is not as if every person he faces, he kills.
(I believe he would have given Suzie the benefit of the doubt if she has opted not to define the rest of her life by revenge.) He didn't kill Crux or Mr. Freeze or (presumably) even the Talon.

So while yes, he will be battling larger scale groups (like the Untitled and Intergang and the Blight, to name a few) it doesn't mean he's not going to have individual "villains" making their way in and out of their lives.    And sometimes there will be villains that come from Roy and Kori's backgrounds that he might not see as it being his place to kill.

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