Monday, November 26, 2012

Girl In The Hood: Outlaws 14 Edition

Elizabeth Airelle

                     "Up, Up And Away...My Beautiful, Beautiful Balloon!"

The Outlaws are on their way home when there’s a knock on the spaceship. Superman is requesting to speak to Starfire.  Superman is one of three things Jason fears. Superman is one of the strongest people in the universe. They do not think Superman is there for any good reason.  The team debates on what they should do so the decide to teleport back on Earth to the island where Kori’s other ship is in hopes that he cannot follow them. Jason is not convinced and in mere seconds Superman is right there with them.

Superman attempts to talk with Starfire but she open fires on him. Jason and Roy join in but they do not do much if any damage to him. It’s Isabel who stops the fight stating how ridiculous they are all acting. Superman explains why he is there. An alien named Helspont came to Earth looking for other aliens to join his cause, he wonders if he visited Kori as well. She says that a servant acting on his behalf asked her to join and she declined. Kori states that he wants the Outlaws help but his kryptonian stubbornness prevents him from asking for help. Superman says it’s taking all his self-control not to turn them in for their various crimes, but won’t because Batman vouches for them. Superman takes a moment to mention to Jason he remembers when, as robin, he saved his life now Jason’s life is a mess. Superman leaves and Roy wonders if they should try to find Helspont, to which Kori asks him where would they even start?  Jason asks Roy to take Isabel home, to Gotham City!

The Outlaws decide to spend a few days in Gotham. Jason is taking a shower when he asks Isabel to bring him something to wear, when she doesn’t answer him he gets concerned and grabs the shower pole for a weapon. He steps out into the living room where he finds her lying on the ground overdosing on some sort of drug. He knows someone else had to do this; he grew up around addicts and knows she isn’t one. The news turns on with weatherman “Jack Napier”, who tells Jason that EMTs and Gotham police are almost there. Jason asks why and Jack reveals himself as the Joker. As the  SWAT team enters the room Jason swears if Isabel dies he will kill Joker….

The issue was a good set up for the next arc. I didn’t care much for the art but until we get a steady new artist I think we will all keep comparing it to Rocafort’s. Isabel living in Gotham was funny and I liked her a lot in this issue, she did more than just stand around while everyone fought, with a few words she got everyone to settle down and put things in perspective. I really hope she survives death in the family. “For The Man Who Has Everything” remains canon still, which means he’s met Wonder woman and fought Mongul. Also it’s a good story, worth checking out.

The ending was a great way to start of Death Of The Family for Red Hood. Isabel is dying and he has to evade police capture.  The Joker is sure to have even more planned for Jason. The next few issues should be awesome and it’ll also be a Teen Titan crossover!

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