Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Girl In The Hood- Outlaws #10 Edition

Elizabeth Airelle

Starlight, Star Bright- First Star I Kill Tonight

The issue starts with Roy and Kori sleeping while a mysterious ax-wielding alien stands over them.  At the same time, 20 floors below Jason Todd is walking out front with his date Isabel, a flight attendant he met some time ago. It’s hard for him to be honest with her about whom he really is and spent the night lying about himself. He offers to call her a cab but she’s not ready for the night to end and kisses him. While they kiss Jason notices the said ax-wielding alien falling towards them and grabs Isabel out of the way.

Jason puts on his helmet [Hoodie Admin note: I love he takes the helmet with him everywhere in his man purse] and opens fires on the alien in front of Isabel. The bullets do not hurt him at all so he starts swinging at Jason. Meanwhile Isabel starts to realize that Jason doesn’t own a dry cleaning business.

Starfire flies down and demands that the creature shows himself. It is revealed that the creature is Orn, an ally of Koriand’r. Orn informs her that trouble has fallen on her planet Tamaran and she must come back to fight for them. She is briefly conflicted; her people traded her freedom for their own. She’s never felt wanted by her people. Jason and Roy don’t really believe his story and thinks she shouldn’t become involved. However her loyalty comes first and she agrees to go, Jason and Roy insist on going as well.

They teleport to the ship in a risky condition and Kori leaves to meet with the Captain. Jason and Roy still feel off about this and decide to look around. However Isabel has been there the entire time and has been accidently teleported as well. She is upset because she feels that first date or not she should have been told the truth about him so she could make her own choice. Jason demands that she be sent home but teleporting is not available so she is along for the ride.

The spacecraft is named The Starfire. A certain Captain DePalo gives command to Kori and informs her of the danger facing them. The enemy known as “The Blight” attacked three days ago. They “live only to thrive off of the bones of civilization”. They have taken out the shields and have done nothing else but wait for Starfire to return. She opens up communications telling them if they lower their weapons and power down they will live. However once the battle begins the offer is off the table.

This issue does a good job of setting up this story. Kori and Roy seem to be starting some sort of relationship, which I have always liked. For too long it’s always been about her and Dick Grayson. Even if it doesn’t work out it’s nice to see her move on. I am curious now that she is back to Tamaran how her subjects might feel about their princess being with a human. Jason worked up the nerve and went out with Isabel. He brings up a good point. How do people with secret identity’s date?  At least when she regains consciousness he can be a little more honest with her.

I am really looking forward to seeing Starfire command this ship and see some battle scenes. Starfire’s background has always been very emotional. She was enslaved by her people to save them.  It’s awesome to see her go home for what I think is the first time since she was enslaved. I can’t wait to see Blackfire, find out about her and Kori’s relationship and find out what part she is playing in this war.  

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