Monday, June 24, 2013

Girl In The Hood: Outlaws #21 Edition

Elizabeth Airelle


     Picking up after the events of the annual, Red Hood finds himself being chased by a group of assassins. Meanwhile Roy is having a session with Dr. Hugo Strange, as feels sad that Jason abandoned them and is worried he is going to be killed. Roy has a sense that unknown forces are trying to separate the three of them.

     Meanwhile while waiting in the hallway, Starfire spots Essence outside, who has come to warn them that Hugo Strange has sold them out to The Untitled, who are coming for them. She also apologies for attacking them back in the mountains.  Essence leaves warning Kori that the Untitled have arrived. Hugo Strange is trying to play minds games with Roy, stating that he shouldn’t be with them because they are bad for him and he is weak. Kori tries to warn Roy, but it’s too late.  The Untitled appear before them. 

     Red Hood is still being chased by several assassins including Lady Shiva, Cheshire, December Graystone, and Bronze Tiger. They mention he has been chosen for something.  Also, they all trained him in the murderous art after his resurrection. He is captured and they teleport to their home, ‘Eth alth’ Aban, the hidden city of The League of Assassins.

     While Hugo flees, the Untitled explain themselves to Roy and Kori. The bounty was a warning shot to keep them on their toes.  One of the Untitled is Ducra’s brother, and he explains that the league has captured Jason, and that if Arsenal and Starfire will help the Untitled break the protective seals to the League’s hidden city they will let them take Jason back and never bother them again. Kori and Roy leave the room to discuss the offer. Kori thinks it’s a bad idea to storm into the city with the enemy and that they should find Essence to figure out what is going on. Roy feels Jason is in danger and they have to go save him now. So they spilt up with Roy promising that he and Jason will come find her.

     Red Hood is now in The Snake’s Nest [the translation of‘Eth alth’ Aban] . It turns out this hidden city is essentially what Ra’s al Ghul has wanted to turn the rest of the planet into with his eco-terror plots over the years.  Bronze Tiger tells him that the Untitled are coming for them and that they are too powerful and his help is necessary to stop them, by becoming the leader of the League of Assassins.

     I am very excited for the next issue!  I always loved anything with The League of Assassins. The art is getting better, the shot of the city looked really good. Still not the biggest fan of Lady Shiva’s new look, but knowing she helped trained Jason is awesome and I hope we can get more details later.  I’m hoping we get a few cameo appearances from league members next issue. Also this takes place after Batman Inc, so I’m wondering is Ra’s the one in charge or is it still Talia [or is anyone]? The flying Man-Bats seem to suggest Talia. Roy’s concerns ended up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. He was worried about the group breaking apart and it did.  I hope for Arsenal’s sake he stops confiding in Hugo Strange , who I do not think we have seen the last of. I agree with Starfire’s plan.  Next issue I hope we can get a little more Starfire since she is going after Essence.  Is Jason going to be able to lead The League, will he even want to?

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