Monday, April 29, 2013

Girl In The Hood: It's Mike's Fault The Review's Late Outlaws #19 Edition

Elizabeth Airelle


This takes place after Batman and Red Hood #20.  Jason is in a private jet heading from Ethiopia and it’s under attack by would be high jackers. Two hours later Starfire and Arsenal find the plane wreckage but no Jason. The natives approach them and Roy asks them about The Acres of All and how to find it. They claim not to speak English and walk away. An elderly woman stays and tells them not to expect them to reveal the secret of All- Caste because they have guarded it for generations. She tells them that the entrance is not of this realm and they would have to undergo the teachings in order to find it. Roy states he knows a little of what Jason was taught and thinks it’ll be enough, the old woman is revealed to be Essence who is trying to drive them away.

In the snowy mountains Roy thinks back to when Jason told about the All- Caste teaches how to commune with the darkest part of yourself and accept it. Starfire thinks that they should turn back, that Roy is getting sick. Roy tells her that since the three of them got together it’s been the best time of his life and he doesn’t want it to be over.

While the two rest in a cave Essence creeps in and is shocked to see her mother Ducra appear.  Ducra is moved by Roy’s will power and love for Jason. Essence is not and sneaks into his dreams. In Roy’s dream is he yelled at by a boy, Green Arrow, Killer Croc and Hugo Strange and is shot with an arrow by himself. They tell him he is pathetic and Jason is trying to get as far away as possible from him, that they had their lives taken from them, while he threw his away. Roy ignores them and communes with the darkness and accepts it. He overcomes them and wakes up feeling like he smoked a dozen cigars.

After the dream Roy is able to find the entrance which is in the side of the mountain. They find themselves surrounded by beasts. While taking them out a bigger one appears but is taken down by Jason. Jason tells them that they should leave, Starfire gets mad saying how dare he cast them out after chasing him half way around the world. Jason claims he doesn’t know who they are. He does not even know his name is Jason. S’aru appears and tells them what happened.

Jason came to him and wanted his help. He cannot deal with the fact that the Joker has manipulated him his whole life and wants to forget it. S’aru agrees but tells him he must take all his memories then…

A great start for James Tynion! I like that he is not undoing or ignoring what has happened in the book with All- Caste like some new writers tend to do when they take over a book.  Essence is back and hopefully she sticks around. Roy dealing with his subconscious was great. He knows he has made mistakes but accepts them, if only Jason could have as well. The more glimpses we get of Roy’s past the more I want. Why was Hugo Strange there? Jason’s mind has been wiped! What will this mean for the book? Batman inc?

 Stay tuned Hoodies!

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