Friday, April 20, 2012

Ask Scott Lobdell: 4/20/12 Edition

Sneak Attack! Today, we are introducing a new weekly feature to The Red Hood's Den, Scott Lobdell has agreed to answer one question from YOU, the Hoodies, each week about your favorite Outlaw topics. So from now on,we will poll for questions on our Red Hood & The Outlaws Facebook page, before submitting them to Scott for an answer and posted here for all to see.

To keep this a surprise, our first question came from Elizabeth Airelle, our "Girl In The Hood" column writer, whose been awesome about meeting deadlines for me, so she gets the inaugural question. Elizabeth's new review of issue 8 will be posted tomorrow, so check back for that.

So without further ado:

Elizabeth asks:
This issue we got to see Tim Drake and Jason sit down together over waffles. What started as an information trade turned into something quite civil and nice for the two "brothers". My question is do you view this as Tim moving beyond two really brutal beat-downs Jason gave him in Teen Titans and Battle for the Cowl, have those events still happened, did he just decide to extend the olive branch in spite of all that or is there more to the story of how they ended up in place of civility you plan to unfold in front of us?

Scott Lobdell: I think of it this way, if you came to my house to beat me up and we fought and threw each other out the window and tried to bloody each other, it would probably be very awkward (least of all because we don't know each other from Adam). But for guys like Jason and Tim who are in knockdown drag out life or death battles every day, it has to mean something completely different: part and parcel of the life they chose.  So to that end, I can see a world where both guys wouldn't be able to see past the events leading up to and the resulting trauma of the moment without coming to the conclusion that in the end all we have is family.    

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