Sunday, April 29, 2012

ASK LOBDELL- 4/29/2012 Edition

Welcome to our second installment of Ask Lobdell where YOU get to ask Scott Lobdell questions about Red Hood And The Outlaws.

This week's question is from Brad, who asks:
Why did you choose to make Roy more of a fun, talkative guy than he's usually been? I'm not complaining, but this was a real precedent to molding him into the lovable comedic relief with a big heart he is now-from his pre- New 52 days. Will we see more of Roy's past before he became an alcoholic and had a falling-out with Ollie? (This is me assuming there was indeed a "falling out")?

Lobdell answers: 
This might sound strange, but I don't really see him as the comedy relief. Does he have a sense of humor? Certainly, but so do Jason and Kori. I see Roy as just being a passionate guy who says what is on his mind with very little internal editor. He's in recovery because of some of his poor life choices in the past-- and as such he doesn't think to keep anything in. In that way--honestly-- I don't think he is all that different from any of his other previous incarnations: Roy has always been the type of guy who says what is on his mind, only now it isn't as blustery or angry as it has been in the past. I think Roy comes from a place where his darkness is in his past. 

Ann Nocenti is in the process of working on a Roy/Ollie story so I'm not really in a position to talk about that right now but I am sure it will be awesome!

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