Sunday, January 27, 2013

Girl In The Hood: Outlaws #16 Edition

Elizabeth Airelle

 "Family Matters"

The issue picks up where we left off, the Teen Titans find themselves overrun by a jokerized group of homeless people. Roy and Kori arrive on the scene and help them. Starfire wonders why they do not simply incinerate them, but Kid Flash states that they are innocent victims that hopefully can be cured. Arsenal orders Kid Flash to corral the group, Wondergirl tells him to ignore the order. She is able to force them into the building herself. Kid Flash attempts to seal up the doors but it’s obvious it won’t last long.

Arsenal tries again saying they are all trying to find their members they should work together,  to which Bunker and Solstice agree. After taking a blood sample from one of the victims Arsenal comes up with an antidote to cure them, he sends everyone but Bunker to gather the supplies while the two remain to hold off the group.

As Bunker and Roy try to push the group back, Roy reflects back to when Killer Croc took him to his lair which he stole from Toyman.  Croc says he can stay there as long as he stays in the program, Alcoholics anonymous.

Kori and the Titans fly to the warehouse as she and Solstice talk. Starfire asks Solstice if she has told them. She states she will but not until she chooses to. When they arrive they find boxes with “Joker’s cure, do not touch” written on it. The warehouse is booby trapped and explodes. Kid Flash is able to get the girls away safe as well as the boxes with the cure!

Meanwhile Bunker and Roy are struggling to push back the Jokerized group. Following Roy’s advice Bunker creates a wall from his power to hold them back. Roy thinks that Bunker will be in the Justice League before he is twenty. Meanwhile in Missouri a woman is getting her book signed and the author is Hugo Strange! “Strange” things to come?

When they open the boxes they discover that the cure is ready to be administered. Kid Flash notes he hates needles and they make him queasy. Wondergirl orders him not to pass out until he has stuck every one of the victims.  It takes a moment but they all return to normal. Roys tells Kori that they should all stay together and now they can resume their search.

Meanwhile Deathstroke the assassin is warming up, he’s taken a new contract, to kill the Outlaws! And elsewhere Joker is putting together one of Jason’s helmets…

In this issue we got a glimpse of villains who are sure to make appearances very soon: Killer Croc, Deathstroke and Hugo Strange. We’ve had mentions of Killer Croc before, so for Hugo Strange and Deathstroke to be appearing soon should be interesting. Red Hood vs Deathstroke should be awesome. What kind of mind games can Hugo Strange be up too? It was great to see some of Roy’s past, it’s still unclear what happened and why he became an alcoholic. Hopefully with DC presents Arsenal we will get more details very soon, especially with Croc’s involvement. It was good to see him take the reins this time. It’s one thing if you’re a princess commanding your fleet or a trained warrior who worked with the world’s greatest detective giving orders, but for Roy he had a little trouble being taken serious as a leader. Red Robin had trouble at first too leading the Titans. Hopefully he will keep them together so they can find the former Robins. The story continues next week in Teen Titans which should shift the story back to Jason and Tim. Death of the Family is coming to an end as is Scott Lobdell’s time on the book. The next few issues promise to be big and I can’t wait to see what happens next! 

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