Saturday, December 22, 2012

Girl In The Hood: Outlaws 15 Edition

Elizabeth Airelle

                                           "It Only Hurts When You Laugh"

Continuing from last issue Jason is in Isabel’s apartment; she was drugged and forcibly overdosed. Jason is surrounded by Gotham SWAT and Detective Bullock. He tells Bullock he is going after whoever did this to her, Bullock doubts an “ordinary citizen” dressed only in a towel is getting past Gotham’s Finest. Jason takes them out fast with a shower rail and takes Bullock’s keys. He mentions he can trust Bullock and calls him a good cop. He makes off with the police cruiser to warn the other Batfam but Joker ambushes him with knock out gas.

When Jason comes to he is unable to move and is alone with the Joker. The Joker got his hands on one of Jason’s helmets and drove a crowbar through it. The Joker wants to try “new material” on Jason. When Jason doesn’t laugh Joker states that the two of them were quite the team back in the day.  Joker wrote the material and Jason read the lines, until he improvised the ending. Jason has no clue what Joker is talking about but can’t let it get to him. Joker is about to strike him with a crowbar until Jason kicks him off. Under Ducra, he learned how to overcome toxins in his body, Jason gets the upper hand until he grabs the crowbar which electrocutes him and knocks him out.

At the hospital Bullock gets Isabel’s phone. He thinks it’s suspicious that a girl with no drugs in her house, no track marks and no priors would have an overdose. He calls “J-first class” and states he wants to get to the bottom of this as well. Meanwhile Kori and Roy are off on her island.  After Roy made some improvements to Crux’s cruiser they intercept Bullock’s call to Jason and hurry off to Gotham.

When Jason wakes up this time he is wearing a helmet and is somewhere else. Jason runs off to find Joker who is speaking over an intercom.  As he races forward he notices the bullet fragment that was pulled from his Father. Joker hits a nerve and Jason keeps moving and stops when he comes across a couple manikins displaying the scene when he found his mother “dead” from an overdose on the street. Jason doesn’t understand how Joker knows all this and he trips over a medical box he tried stealing from Doctor Leslie years ago. Jason doesn’t believe Joker was there throughout his life, that’s he is “punch line to some stale joke”. Joker says that he kind of his and would he lie to family? Joker then releases a trap door which Jason falls down and he is again rendered unconscious next to Tim Drake aka Red Robin!

Kori and Roy have arrived in Gotham. She states that Gotham city feels less safe than the prison camps she grew up in. She is surprised that someone as warm as Jason came from here. They have no leads on Jason other than a call from Wondergirl to Batgirl. Kori asks what it has to do with them. Roy states maybe nothing, maybe everything but for sure it was Joker related. The issues ends with Roy and Kori come upon the Teen Titans being attacked by Jokerized thugs…..

This issue was a good showdown between Joker and Jason.  Todd holding his own and doing a good job of not letting the Joker get to him was great to see. He doesn’t let himself get too emotional while fighting which had to take a lot. Joker brings up events from issue 0, in which Joker manipulated Jason into becoming Robin, which now Jason finally knows.  He does not seem to believe Joker but this is far from over between them. I can’t wait to see it play out more between them.   I was happy to see Bullock in this as he is one of my favorite of Gotham’s finest. Jason has known him since he was a kid so it makes sense that he would trust him.  Also anyone who reads Teen Titans will know that Tim Drake was kidnapped last issue and this reveals briefly what happened to him.  It’s going to be awesome to see Roy and Kori fighting along the Teen Titans. Speaking of Teen Titans the story should continue in next week’s issue!

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