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So the Lobster owed me quite a few questions for weeks of No Ask Lobdell due to being busy...writing. We rectified this last week by doing more of a live format where Hoodies submitted their questions and then Scott popped on the same thread in the middle of the dark, dark night and answered 'em. So we've got a recap for ya-----Mike

  • Amy Nim I noticed recently that Roy's tattoo in RHATO is, ah, pretty doubtfully Navajo, unlike the arm band tattoo he had previously. Does Roy still have his Navajo heritage?
  • Krissy Kris Collins Will Red Hood be getting his own comic book? Would he be interested in writing for a solo Red Hood book?
  • Krissy Kris Collins For Issue #15, the Red Hood & Red Robin team up but at the same time there's friction b/w the Titans & the Outlaws. What should we expecting? A bloodbath?
  • Rock Roche With Star and Hood getting their own arcs, when is Arsenal going to get some focus and will Chesire be showing up?
  • David Napier We will be going back to the untitled? I feel like there is more to the story to be explored?
  • Dezhmond Young Are we goin' to get some Jason Todd solo missions to make up for him bein' out of the book for a while?
  • Krissy Kris Collins Jason Todd has never done well with psychological attacks and the Joker is full of those attacks. How will the Joker terrorize Todd in the coming issues of Red Hood & the Outlaws?
  • Dezhmond Young @David...the untitled, I believe, are bein' handled by Essence.
  • David Napier @Dezhmond doesn't mean they won't interact with her or against them again
  • Adam Campbell the Outlaws have been to a wide range to exotic locales in their jet-setting adventures. where do you intend to send them after the Death of the Family?
  • Austin Rodriguez Can you have DC make a replica of Roy's hat? Also is Jason going to play a big part in Death of the Family?
  • Adan Velasco Quevedo Reading the issue 0 preview, I see that the whole business about Jason stelaing the Batmobile tires is out of continuity now. Why's that? I mean, aside of Jason´s dying, a lot of people knows him like the kid who was stealing Batman and live to tell the tale, or at least didn't end in jail :P
  • Alexis Parrick Saw the 0 Preview and loved it. Now with Jason and Tim doing a tag team up against Joker, are the others "Outlaws and Teen Titans" know the two "brothers" know each other? Or is its some misunderstanding that they call can joke about later?
  • امير أنور Whenever the mod says he's taking questions for Ask Lobdell, I refrain from taking part in it. I don't think the mod views Jason Todd the way I do so I don't think he'd ever choose a question I wanted to ask.[Hoodie Admin note: I must be a real free speech killing SOB huh?] Here's to hoping you would read and answer my very elaborated question Mr. Lobdell: I love Batman, it isn't just because he owns the night but his legend and life that inspires me. Training his mind and body to become perfect. Living a life of secrets, pretending to be someone that he's not during the day. The loss, the death of his parents, is something I can relate to... that feeling is eternal. That's why he is Batman. I never thought I'd feel so connected to a fictional character. I read almost everything there is to know about Batman. As I began to read about Jason Todd I felt that same connection I felt when I read about Bruce. It wasn't all the things that happened in Jason's life but his personality that I felt was so similar. Lot of people see Jason as a gun waving angry, egotistical punk but I think those people are ignorant. He has a rage I can relate to, something I have had a hard time suppressing my whole life. Even though his rage is an integral part to who he is, it is only second to him being an emotional and impulsive person. I see Jason as a highly intelligent person who does everything for a just cause. His confrontation with Batman and The Joker exhibited everything about him. He asked Bruce why he didn't kill Joker (Something I think people were dying to read) a question that is straight to the point. After that, we had one other interaction before the 52 ( and that wasn't so great :/ ). I know you mentioned you don't want to do another Batman/Red Hood story but do you see yourself ever writing a father/son scenario with Bruce and Jason? Something that is deep and beyond a few words. I feel Bruce still loves Jason as a son but is so emotionally distant because it's hard for him to acknowledge he's alive again and does what he does. Jason's death was important to Bruce as the death of his parents. It haunted him... it still haunts him. He lost his parents and a son... and now that son is taking everything he was taught and permanently ending evil. I know with Death of the Family we will see some kind of interaction but will we ever see Bruce reaching out to Jason? I read Scott Snyder likes Jason Todd and wanted use him beyond the typical ignorant view of him. I hope at the very least if you've read this that you speak to Mr. Snyder about the idea and perhaps see where it goes! Thank you thank you for putting the Red Bat on Jason's armor!!!! You probably didn't expect to get a question like this from a guy with a profile picture of a cat and his name written in Arabic haha but I would sincerely appreciate it if I heard back from you :) - Ehsaaz
  • Juan Aurelio Perez How will Batman treat Jason as compared to the other members of the Batfamily during Death in The Family? Also are we going to still follow Starfire and Roy, or will they get their own comic for a bit??
  • Alexis Parrick Will Isabel be a returning character? I think she's one of the best things that can happen to Jason. (Not that Roy and Kori are bad or anything like that.) She brings him back down to normal or something like that. Shipper of these two...
  • Philip Moore any news about a new reguler artist on red hood
  • David Napier After death of the family will Jason be more or less involved/in touch with members of the bat-family?

    And Lobdell Answers:

    Scott Lobdell Amy Nim: I will have to ask him. (How many ginger Navajos are there -- roughly?) Krissy K: Not that I know of, but, no, I wouldn't really have any interest. (I sort of do want to write a RED HOOD/RED ROBIN mini-series in the wake of events in Death Of The Family... but unlikely to get my way! Krissy K II: No blood baths. Rock Roche: Roy is kind of shy, but we'll be dragging him front and center soon. No plans for Cheshire.
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    Scott Lobdell Whoops! I keep forgetting I shouldn't hit RETURN. More to follow...
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    Scott Lobdell David Napier: Certainly, but I don't like to tell all the stories at once! Dezhmond Young: Who says he is out of the book for a while? His name is right there on the cover! Krissy K III (You again?! LOL!): It is going to be harder this time, because Jason is older and wiser. But if you've read the zero you know that Joker still has a few cards to play. Adam Campbell: France! Austin Rodriguez: How awesome would that be?! Hmm. I'll ask around! Adam Velasco Quervedo (that's a lot of letters!): Personally, I can believe a man can fly and that a billionaire dresses up as a bat to beat people up every night.. but someone stealing the tires from the bat mobile always struck me as several kinds of absurd. That said... I don't think there is anything in the Zero that says he wasn't trying to steal the tires off the bat-mobile. There were only four panels per page and we couldn't show EVERY-thing... Just sayin... Alexis Parrick: I am sorry, I don't understand the question. =( Ehsaaz: Wow, that is one long post! The answer is "Yes!"
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    Scott Lobdell more to follow...
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    Scott Lobdell Juan Aurelio Perez: He is going to be too busy with Joker to treat Jason one way or another... but expect big things in the following month.
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    Scott Lobdell Damn, have to stop hitting "Return!" Juan; We are following all of them throughout -- and Roy is even going to be taking over the Teen Titans for a little bit. Alexis Patrick II: Yes, and me too! Phillip Moore: My understanding is it is Timothy -- and the more you see of his work the more you'll see why it is an excellent choice! David Napier II: I would guess more.
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    Scott Lobdell Wow! Was that it?! I'm so proud of myself!
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