Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ask Lobdell---The Superiority Complex Edition for 8/16/12

Welcome to our...seventh...? installment of Ask Lobdell where YOU get to ask Scott Lobdell questions about Red Hood And The Outlaws. We had a brief near summer long hiatus on account of the fact Scott writes Superman now, and he thinks he's sooooo much better than everybody else because of it and doesn't need to answer questions from ye town folk. Okay, no, there was just a lot of workload wrapping up Superboy while starting Superman while writing Titans and Outlaws. But we're back so... 

This week, Wes Asks: 
So it is pretty obvious to Batman readers that Jason is
going to play a role in the upcoming Death of the Family arc. We also
hear that Crimson Fox will be stepping in while Jason is gone. So this
leads to 2 questions 1) how significant will your involvement be in
the upcoming Batman arc?

Scott: Jason will be no more or less involved in the crossover than the rest of the Bat "Family".  I was on a conference call with the other bat-writers, and Scott and I have spoken a few times and exchanged emails over some details -- which will probably happen more and more as the story develops.  It has been a blast for both of us, because it is pretty clear we both come at our stories from different angles.

AND 2) How in depth will we see Roy's
perspective with Jason gone for a few issues, will we see a bit of his
past or continued interaction with Starfire and Fox ?

Scott: Alas, Crimson Fox will not be appearing in the book anytime in the immediate future.  I made the mistake of talking about it on a panel in San Diego -- in front of Upper Editorial -- and I got a "That is not going to happen."  LOL!   Sometimes I can convince people to let me try something if I present it in just the right way... but not this time!

It's okay, though, because it turns out Roy is going to be very busy leading his "own team" during Death Of The Family... 

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